What is Herzberg’s theory and why is it beneficial for companies?

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Herzberg's theory

Blog ยป What is Herzberg’s theory and why is it beneficial for companies?

Motivation is an essential factor for people to give their best and it is something that should be applied in all areas, but especially at a business level.

The better your employees feel in the work environment, the better their performance will be. Unfortunately, however, many companies forget this.

How can you demand a high level of performance from your employees if there is nothing to motivate them?

Remember that, after all, you work with humans and aspects such as comfort, peace of mind and safety are very important.

That is why Herzberg’s theory was created, to establish what companies need to have a better relationship with all their workers.

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What is the Herzberg theory?

Herzberg’s theory is also known as the two-factor theory, since it states that there are two fundamental aspects that interfere with work performance: motivational factors and hygiene factors.

This is a theory that has existed since 1950 and was created by psychologist Frederick Hezberg.

It was created because of the great need for employees to have their basic needs and comforts taken into consideration.

That is why, today, this theory is recognized as a fundamental strategy that companies should apply to achieve better relationships with their employees.

The two factors in Herzberg’s theory

Within this theory, Herzberg explains that there are two factors that are directly linked to the working relationship between employees and their commitment to your company.

These are factors that must be met by some of the most basic things that every employee should be entitled to.

Now, in order to apply this theoretical postulate well, it is important that you know in depth what these two factors are about:

Motivational factors

On the one hand, there are the motivational factors, which, as their name suggests, are all those that drive employees to work with more spirit and have a higher level of commitment.

These aspects play a fundamental role in the way in which employees take on their work role. Therefore, the better the motivational factors are addressed, the better the performance of all employees will be.

Here it must be understood that the key to success is to give value to workers so that they become committed and active members of your company’s objectives.

Depending on the way you work, these aspects may vary, but among some of them you can find:

1. Job recognition

Within any type of work, people will have the initial intention to give their best and feel valued. That is why one of the main things you should do is to give your employees the recognition they deserve.

Whenever they do things well, tell them, don’t take it for granted that they know they are doing their job well, they need to know it from you to feel secure.

In addition, if you want to further reinforce their sense of commitment to your company, you can use rewards or incentives such as working with the “Employee of the Month” strategy or offering them a monetary bonus for their efforts.

2. Achievement outreach

Organization is a key aspect that should always be present in companies, in each and every department of the company.

But not only because it is necessary at an administrative level, but also because keeping an order of the objectives to be achieved will also make your employees’ work better.

How is this possible? Because once they know your work plan and all the goals to achieve, when they meet one, they will feel happy and motivated to continue with their work.

3. Personal development

Another motivational factor that can improve your employees’ competencies is to offer them personal development plans.

In other words, invest in training programs and offer them new learning opportunities.

If you want your employees to learn how to work with a new strategy, what better than giving them the tools they need to learn it yourself?

Yes, it’s true, your employees should already have prior knowledge and experience, but they should also feel that they can grow in their work and that their learning is valued.

4. Responsibility

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, the truth is that the job responsibility you give your employees can also positively or negatively influence their performance.

When an employee is given greater responsibility and is empowered to make decisions to fulfill it, they will feel much more empowered and valued.

Therefore, this is something that will make them feel motivated and they will be able to get much more involved in the activities to be performed.

5. Advancement at work

Offering your employees opportunities for growth at work is a key factor that undoubtedly generates very positive changes in the way they see work.

No one comes to a new company with the intention of staying in the same position forever, everyone has aspirations to do their best to grow professionally and advance.

It is important that you understand this and can give everyone balanced opportunities to advance at work.

That way, you ensure that they are trying their best because everyone will want to be promoted to more senior positions.

Hygiene factors

On the other hand, when we talk about the hygienic factors, we are talking about all those factors that make the work environment comfortable and pleasant for them.

Many people tend to believe that this does not have an impact on increasing employee effort, but the truth is that it does.

When companies do not comply properly with the hygiene factors, employees may feel undervalued and this will generate a lack of commitment in all of them.

Therefore, among the hygiene factors with which you should always strive to comply are:

1. Salary and job benefits

Let’s be honest, the first thing an employee looks for is a workplace where he/she receives a good salary. After all, that is the main objective of looking for a job: to receive financial remuneration.

That is why the main aspect you should take great care of is to assure all your workers a decent salary according to their job position.

In addition, it must be a labor and economic offer that is competitive from the labor market in which it is offered.

Of course, the salary is not the only thing that you must assure them, it is also good that you offer them labor benefits so that they want to stay in your company for a long time.

That is to say, give them health insurance, vacation time, bonuses and other types of benefits.

2. Working Conditions

It may be quite obvious, but you should always remember that optimal working conditions are the ones that will make your employees feel at ease and be able to perform their responsibilities much better.

On this point, infrastructure conditions play an important role. That is, a spacious, comfortable, well-lit, well ventilated, etc. space.

In an environment that is organized, clean and has all the essentials for work, employees will feel much more at ease.

3. Job security

Everyone wants to feel safe at work, not only at the level of having health insurance and certified space to work, but also to have the certainty that they have a permanent position in your company.

On the one hand, you must always be aware that everything is up to date in the company so that the devices work well and do not cause accidents at work. Especially if it is a factory where heavy machinery is used.

Likewise, it is important that you give them the assurance that they have a steady job, free from threats of constant dismissal that could lead them to feel unmotivated.

4. Relationships

A comfortable and positive work environment is also generated from the relationships that everyone has with each other. Not just yours with them as their boss, but also the way they work as a team.

If you require several of your employees to work together, you must strengthen good communication between them so that they can stay on top of things and cooperate properly.

Remember that a workspace where there is a lot of conflict or poor conversations only generates job dissatisfaction and that is not what you would want for your company.

5. Corporate policies

Last but not least, it helps if your company policies are clear and easy for all your employees to read.

There are many companies that choose to hide them, because they don’t do a good job in their human resources policy and there are points that are discriminatory.

Then, when a problem arises at work, employees have no way to defend themselves legally.

So, yes, you should improve your labor policies and give them to everyone so that they are clear about their rights and duties as workers.

The two factors in Herzberg's theory

Business benefits of Herzberg’s theory

When any company sets out to follow Herzberg’s theory, it has the opportunity to enjoy great business benefits. Some of the most striking and that you should know are:

It generates a reduction in staff turnover

Constant staff turnover is one of the biggest nightmares of companies. Losing human talent that had already adapted to the job and having to invest extra time in preparing new employees is something that stagnates you as a company.

Therefore, if you want your employees to stay permanently in their position, you should apply the ideas outlined in this theory.

Increases employee engagement

When an employee feels comfortable and secure, his or her perception of commitment to the company increases significantly.

Keep in mind that the more committed a person is to his job, the better he will perform his responsibilities.

This means that you will have people who will deliver their work on time, will comply with their work schedule without fail and will strive every day to be better.

Encourages greater organization at work

By providing your employees with a good work environment, they will be responsible for maintaining good organization at work.

Through cooperation, everyone will work together to keep things in order and enjoy all the tools you have given them.

It will also help to make the relationships between all the members of the work team much more positive.

Boost and improve productivity

Last but not least, you can be sure that the productivity of all your employees will improve significantly.

Thanks to this, your business idea will become much more profitable and you will be able to establish it as a long-term project that will generate great benefits.

Above all, because you will have a team that will start working more efficiently and quickly.

Undoubtedly, Herzberg’s theory is presented as a highly valuable tool at the business level. Whether you have a large or small business, it will be of great help to you.

Remember that with its application you will be able to retain all your employees for a longer period of time, make them feel comfortable, improve the quality of work and increase productivity. Who wouldn’t want this?

Business benefits of Herzberg's theory

If you are in charge of any kind of business, do you consider that it would be a theory that you would apply? Is it something that you had already applied even without knowing about it? Have you obtained good results?

Don’t leave without leaving us a comment with your opinion about this interesting theory.


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