Machine Learning ArCHitect at Sage






David Flatow is a creative problem-solver and team-leader who combines machine learning expertise with principles from Lean Methodology and Customer Development to build innovative companies. In 2016 he co-founded, a bay area based software company that provides an AI-Powered time tracking experience for professionals. In 2019 was acquired by Sage a FTSE 100 constituent. Prior to starting Allocate and joining Sage, David was a graduate student in the Statistics department at Stanford University where he not only developed machine learning fundamentals but also learned the ways of the Lean Startup from Steve Blank, Jeff Epstein, Steve Weinstein, and Tom Bedecarre as part of the Lean Launchpad. Before his time at Stanford David was a data scientist at, a researcher at Cornell Tech, and a quant at Highbridge Capital Management. As an undergrad he studied mathematical economics at Brown University. Outside of work, you’ll find David running on a trail or in the bay on an open water swim.

Borja really gets it. Take it from someone who’s learned the hard way — learn from him and the awesome program they’ve developed.”

– David Flatow