author OF Slingshot

Gabor George Burt




Gabor is the global authority on creative business transformation and re-imagining market boundaries. As one of the core, original experts of Blue Ocean Strategy, the new millennium’s most influential management concept, Gabor created The Slingshot Framework, which is the practical guide to creating blue oceans and definitive guide to re-imagining market boundaries.

Gabor’s expertise and high-impact, intuitive methodology are essential for any organization looking to master the post-Covid world, turn crisis into opportunity, and establish strong, ongoing customer attachment.

Gabor works with executive teams of multinationals, SMEs, start-ups, government agencies , academic institutions and NGOs, leads high-profile events and VIP gatherings, appears on top media networks and publications, and has been recognized among top 13 future-shaping innovation visionaries.

“The PowerMBA is a pioneer of Lifelong Learning, a topic I am personally passionate about and see as a critical pillar for our society’s ongoing success. Moreover, the platform embodies the key Slingshot Framework principles for re-imagining market boundaries, making it a great example of high-impact transformation in education.”

Gabor George Burt