FOrmer cmo of airbnb

Jonathan Mildenhall

former CMO



Jonathan counts on industry leaders like Sean Parker and Arianna Huffington as founding clients alongside Pinterest, Mars, Uber, Nextdoor, and Headspace.

He specializes in helping founders and CEOs realize the potential of their company brand and the financial value that purpose-driven marketing can help create through his brand strategy consultancy, TwentyFirstCenturyBrand, which launched in 2018.

In 2014, he joined Airbnb as CMO with the mission to build an iconic super- brand.

In 2006 Jonathan became VP of Global Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company. He led the team that launched Coca- Cola’s global marketing platform โ€œOpen Happinessโ€, which became Coke’s most profitable and awarded marketing platform ever.

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