Chief of advanced prograMmes exploration






Following 6 years as an automotive engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, Karandeep moved to technology company Arrival in 2017. Powered by just a handful of employees, the company was pioneering new methods, technologies and business models to drive mainstream adoption of electric vehicles. He was pivotal to helping the company to grow to over 1,200 people, reach a valuation of €3.3 billion and form strategic partnerships from globally renowned partners, including UPS and Hyundai Kia Motor Company.

Karandeep now leads the development of new vehicles to build Arrival’s future mobility ecosystem. By bringing together teams of engineers, strategists and designers, he creates business models, engineering concepts and new product experiences. Arrival is one of the UK’s largest unicorns with a growing global footprint. He was a core part of the initial team that laid the foundation for its vision, strategy and approach. As chief of Advanced Programmes, he continues to help shape the company and enable its vision of mass adoption of electric vehicles for everyone, everywhere.

“The PowerMBA course enables a wider audience of people that are wanting to learn from and have access to the world’s leading authorities in their respective fields; this is positive disruption which is levelling the playing field for education!

– Karandeep Bhogal