CO-FOUNDER OF Fritz-kola


Wolf Wiegert




Mirco studied International Management and Foreign Trade at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. In 2003, at the end of his studies, he founded fritz-kola. He knew his co-founder and best friend Lorenz from his time as boy-scout years. For Mirco it was always the plan to become an entrepreneur, so he thought about various ideas. While searching for an idea, he realized that there was almost no competition in the local soft drink market. When going out to a bar, restaurant or cafΓ©, there were soft drinks only from one company. So he thought that there must be a chance for a second brand on the market. The experience to compete with one of the biggest soft drinks made Mirco focussing on keeping the brand relevant and attractive.

The PowerMBA is a good update for long time, classic entrepreneurs.

– Mirco Wolf Wiegert