FOUNDER OF Icanyoucantoo


B. Dosa



Nilesh is the Founder of icanyoucantoo, a grassroots social enterprise tackling social inequality in non-privileged communities within London. He started his career as an accountant, spending 15-years in finance, banking and consulting. However, driven by a deep personal desire to change the narrative – because of his own lived experiences of growing up in poverty – he left ‘the city’ to follow his passion for making a real difference to young people by setting up a grassroots mentoring initiative. This has now expanded into a formal programme for 16-25 year olds, alongside a portfolio of growing humanitarian efforts.

To effect change on ‘both sides’ Nilesh delivers Education and Awareness presentations to both start-ups and FTSE-100 corporates on topics including D&I, Social Mobility and Race and Ethnicity. He also advises companies on designing inclusive work experiences; apprenticeships and mentoring programmes.

Nilesh works part-time at EY, balancing his corporate career and social enterprise around a rare neurodegenerative condition. He has been featured on and has received multiple awards for his work.

The PowerMBA is an incredible program – with whom we have a shared philosophy – to level the playing field and make education more accessible for all.