We have created “the business school that is leading the revolution in education”.

(Financial Times)

In 2017 we founded ThePower Business School with a clear Mission:
“to open access to key knowledge, tools and inspiration to everyone who
wants to learn, wherever they are in the world”. And today
our community has…

+80,000 students, 103 countries, +600 companies, +653 events…









This is what we believe in

Top business education doesn’t need to be expensive

Why should we have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on such fundamental and transformational knowledge? In the US student debt totals $1.7 trillion… we think it’s time to fix this.

Education needs to be Flexible and Convenient

It should adapt to your daily routine, not the other way around. Why should you have to leave your job or put your life on pause for two years?

Learn from those who have already done it

Experience beats theory every time. Surely it makes sense, therefore, that your teachers have real-world, tangible experience rather than just cumulative hours in front of a chalkboard?

Business education doesn’t need to be regulated

An official certification doesn’t always mean quality – rather following an inflexible system, traditionally slow at adapting to our digital world.

Education needs to be up to date

The business world has changed more in the last 10 years than in the previous 40. Is everything you studied in your degree or MBA still applicable today?

Knowing how to put theory into practice is what sets you apart

What’s the point of accumulating theoretical ideas for hours on end without even knowing how to apply them?

And you? What do you believe in?

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How was the world’s largest business community born?

It wasn’t us, it was our students.

In 2018 our students started connecting via Linkedin and began meeting in-person to share business ideas, look for partners or simply to share the experience of our business school.

In the blink of an eye, thanks to our students we have created the largest business community (with +80,000 international professionals) running more than 430 in-person and online events per year in 65+ cities around the world (San Francisco, Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, London…).

Hi! I’m Anita Flejter, ambassador of Boston community.

What do our students have in common?

Our students are…


Entrepreneurs who want to launch their business


Someone who wants to completely change their professional career


Entrepreneur who wants to grow his business


People who want to move up the ladder and reach a higher position

“This is a ‘must participate’ platform for all those looking to unleash their full professional potential”

— Jonathan Mildenhall, Former CMO

Discover our students’ success stories

Gisela Di Fabio, TPBS student and Miami Ambassador, wrote her first book – “Live By Your Own Rules!- Break free from family and social mandates”

Gisela Di Fabio, Argentinian but living in Miami, studied her BA but when she moved to Miami, she decided to study coaching at UM. In her career path and after overcoming some life events, she realized that she’s not alone, that many other people she works with have the same limiting beliefs and similar emotional experiences, and so she decided to share her story and other coachee’s as well in her first book. We love it when we see the growth of our students, as they continue to advance and climb in their professional career, and dare to step out of their comfort zone, as is the case of Gisela. 

Even though Sandra Starr has 23 years of professional experience, she believes in the importance of life-long learning to continue growing

In an interview with Sandra Starr, a student of TPBS, she shared that even though she has 23 years of professional experience, how important it is for her to never stop learning, never stay still and how this belief, helped her land her dream job as President of Data Cable, as she says “the summit of my career”. She mentioned how she’s achieved a new level of thinking, has an entrepreneurial mindset, and has now broadened the scope of goals she sets for herself.

Financial Times: “More than 1/3 of people interested in an MBA could consider an alternative online provider”

The Financial Times shared a recent January 2022 survey study by CarringtonCrisp that found that more than 1/3 of people interested in an MBA would consider by-passing business schools and study with alternative online providers, such as ThePower Business School. The report highlighted a growing interest in new content such as responsible management, ethical leadership, global challenges, and diversity, equality, and inclusion. 

Innovation Workshop with world-renowned judges

Our Ambassadors from Sweden, Portugal, Belgium and San Francisco, US, came together to host an innovation workshop where participants had the opportunity to solve a real life business problem and master their pitching skills. In this opportunity, world-renowned judges like Aaron Montgomery, Janice Fraser, among others, joined us to select a final winner. The 25 students who participated had the chance to network, work on team building and problem-solving, and, most importantly, enjoyed the thrill of competition. 

Do you want to be part of “the business school that is leading the transformation of leading the transformation of education”?

15-day money-back guarantee
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