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Why a sales program?

If I were to ask you right now “Do you sell?” you would probably answer “NO” because you don’t have a sales profile.
But let me tell you something, sales are a part of your life.
If you stop to think about it, we are constantly trying to sell to our environment our opinion, our position, our idea, our project….
Or even the restaurant you want to go to have dinner with your friends tonight.
That’s why, if you want to achieve all the goals you set for yourself (find the job of your dreams, get the raise you’ve been waiting for, make a change in your professional career…) you have to learn negotiation and sales techniques.
And you may think that good salespeople have some sort of innate gift… But nothing could be further from the truth.
Excelling at sales is something that can be worked on and achieved over time.

Find out from former FBI negotiator, Chris Voss, why it’s important to learn about sales

Chris Voss,
Ex International investigator at the FBI

Is this sales program right for you?

YES. No matter what you do, learning how to sell is key.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a consultant, lawyer, sales professional, doctor, engineer, freelancer, entrepreneur… the professionals that are the most valuable, are the most successful and earn the most money are those who know how to generate business and close sales.

  • Consultants

  • Lawyers

  • KAM

  • Sales representatives

  • Sales directors

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Freelance

  • Professional services

  • Self-employed

  • CEOs and managers

  • Real estate agents

  • Medical consultants

  • Tax advisors

  • Private banking

  • Car dealer’s sales force

Moreover, 96% of people believe that learning about sales is a requirement for life.

According to a survey conducted by Borja Adanero on LinkedIn with more than 2,000 participants.

Our students work at:

What will you learn?

Contrary to popular belief, almost nobody is born knowing how to sell, nor is it necessary to be extroverted or outgoing. Selling is learnt and we are going to teach you how to do it.

  • Learn how to create clear and powerful messages that get the attention of recruiters, managers, or anyone you want to convince of something.
  • Master the most effective negotiation and closing techniques in sales.
  • Learn all the techniques to get to know the customer, identify their needs and implement the sales techniques that are most appropriate for each type of customer.
  • Learn about new social selling channels like LinkedIn to increase your sales.
  • Control CRMs and other tools such as Salesforce, Bloobirds and Lead Scoring that give you a general overview of all the departments of your company, so that you can make decisions that help you manage and personalize the relationship with your customers.
  • Acquire key communication skills, negotiation and persuasion techniques to accelerate the sales process.

Study Plan

Lead the sales process

Leading the customer throughout the sales process is essential to shorten cycle times and increase the conversion rate. And it all starts by creating a clear, simple process that you have to follow step by step until closing the sale.

– Selling is a process: basic steps
– Measure conversions
– Make sure that you consistently build your pipeline
– Mistakes that make the sales cycle longer
– Ask for “micro-commitments”
– Close each meeting with the next step
– Define a clear and closed agenda for each meeting
– Create a Customer Journey Map
– Mutual action plan

Targeting & Qualification

The sales process starts by identifying which customers we are going to target; something that has a direct impact on your metrics and ROI. In this module we will discuss different segmentation strategies, as well as tools to qualify customers.

– Focus on your ideal customer
– Focus on a niche
– Focus on those who aren’t looking
– Qualification frameworks


The prospecting phase is one of the most complicated phases of the sale since we are addressing potential customers who don’t know us yet in order to pique their interest.

– Don’t underestimate cold-calling
– A framework to structure your calls
– Understand the main objections in the prospecting phase
– The prospecting channels
– Sequences and channels
– Objections and how to deal with them

Creating connection: Authority and credibility

Traditionally, salespeople have been told that they have to empathize, create a relationship with the customer… but the reality is that to be an excellent salesperson you have to go much further. You have to show them that you are the one who understands them best and that you are an expert in their area.

– Creating connection and credibility
– Anticipate their problems
– The four dimensions of a problem
– How to challenge their positions
– The importance of trust

Creating an emotional connection: Empathy

Showing that you care about them is not enough… REALLY CARE. In this module we learn from Chris Voss a series of techniques to build empathy:

– Ask them and let them speak
– Use LabelsTM
– Use MirrorsTM
– Usa SummariesTM
– Generating sales through TacticalEmpathyTM
– Practicing TacticalEmpathyTM

Creating needs

A common mistake is to sell the product from the beginning, when what you actually have to do is to make your customer see that there is a compelling reason (a problem, an opportunity…) to look for solutions and take action. And we are the solution!

– Your clients don’t know what they need
– From problems to “drivers”
– The script structure
– Questions to make it clear
– Questions to make them feel the implications
– Create detachment
– Questions to create need

Understanding your value proposition

How are you able to convey a value proposition in a powerful way that generates interest? By clearly visualizing its components, its “anatomy”: benefits, differentiation…

– Value Proposition Framework
– Value Equation


A great sales pitch can mean a difference of millions of dollars in terms of turnover. In this module we will cover the best techniques to create the best possible pitch:

– Elevator pitch
– Create a story with Storybrand
– Blame the “Villain” technique
– Anticipate their concerns
– ROI & Value Selling
– Emotional Impact
– Explain WHY

Managing objections

An excellent salesperson is a “master” at handling potential customer objections. In this module we will teach you the keys to achieve this.

– Understand where objections come from
– Don’t fight objections (judo technique)
– Get ready to manage them (with this framework)
– Red herrings or distractions

Negotiation and closing techniques

Every sale has a negotiation component to it. It’s key that you learn the techniques and tools that will enable you to achieve your objectives.

– Your BATNA gives you power
– Their BATNA helps you make your first offer(aggressive)
– Don’t negotiate too early
– Whoever has more control over their emotions wins
– Don’t make one offer, make three
– Closing the deal

Social Selling

Social Media Networks, especially LinkedIn, have become a FUNDAMENTAL channel for sales as they allow you to connect and build relationships with decision makers. In this module you will learn how to create a network, gain authority, send the right messages, measure success, etc.


In this module we will analyze the different tools that are used throughout the sales process, from basic tools such as CRM to more innovative ones such as Digital Sales Rooms where you create a space to share information with your customer.

How does it work?

15-minute lessons
The methodology has to adapt to your pace of life, and not the other way around! 15-minute lessons (microlearning), entertaining, “to the point”, that you can do on the go: going to the gym, cooking, on the couch, etc.

“One of the issues about ThePower Business School is that you watch a 15-minute lesson, and you go crazy wanting to apply everything you’ve learnt as soon as possible. Such a success! We found a Lead Capture Marketing system with a $1 CPL that we wouldn’t have thought of before… all because of a 15-minute lesson…

Mauricio Etcheverry
Founder of

The largest business community in the world

Business school and networking experience. Access to a global community with hundreds of in-person events, communities around the world, online networking, etc.

“The program definitely offers a unique opportunity to connect with so many people from different industries, career paths, countries…”

Alexander Shylk
Area Head for Western Europe & Americas en KLOSTERFRAU GROUP

Learn from the best

Learn from the world’s leading experts, such as Marc Randolph (founder of Netflix), Eric Ries (author of The Lean Startup), Jeff Sutherland (creator of Scrum), Guy Kawasaki and more.

“Professionally, first class knowledge, experiences, anecdotes and materials are revealed, by a TOP group of professionals and World Class entrepreneurs, to whom we would hardly have access to; to share with us their Know-How, their experience, which further enrich all the business study cases explained to us throughout the entire program.”

Gastón Romero
Managing Director at CEEO HG

1st Cohort | Only 150 spots available

Who are you going to learn from?

You will become a sales expert by acquiring the skills, tools and methods from the world’s leading experts.


Former FBI negotiator & founder of Black Swan

Learn about negotiation from an FBI’s ex negotiator

Former international negotiator for the FBI. Renowned professor in the most prestigious business schools in the world. His teachings have been used from clients whose companies’ profits have increased to MBA students who have gone on to get better jobs.

Product Owner ThePower Business School
Master CRMs and other tools like Salesforce, Bloobirds and Lead Scoring

Allie has worked with interactive EdTech startups known all around the world such as ThePower Business School or Bridge for Billions, developing the customer experience design, product strategy and product content creation alongside top business figures such as the former CMO of Airbnb, founder of Shazam…



Author of “Predictable Revenue”

Learn how to make the sales process longer

Aaron Ross is a leading sales speaker and the author of the best-selling “Predictable Revenue”, known as “The Silicon Valley Sales Bible.” He is also the founder of Predictable Revenue, a consulting firm that helps B2B companies triple sales growth and build self-managed sales teams.


Co-Founder & CEO at ThePower Business School

Learn the different and most effective closing techniques in sales

Borja is responsible for the educational program at ThePower Business School. He is the operational head in the classes and the figure with which all the students feel most familiar. He has more than 7 years in strategic consulting and has founded more than 3 companies. 

Author of “Social Selling”
Learn how to influence the sales process through Social Selling

Tim Hughes, co-author of renowned book “Social Selling”: techniques to influence buyers and change agents and CEO and Co-founder of DLA Ignite, one of one of the world’s leading strategic social media consulting firms.


Author of “Fanatical Prospecting”

Learn how to create sales conversations by making the most of social media, email, text messaging and cold calling

Each year, Jeb reaches tens of thousands of people through his training programmes, workshops, books, articles, podcasts, videos and keynotes. Jeb transforms organisations by helping people achieve peak performance quickly and is a trusted advisor to companies and their executives around the world.

1st Cohort | Only 150 spots available

Discover all about Social Selling and how LinkedIn can be your best ally when it comes to boosting your sales

ThePower Business School: the business school driven by the world’s leading experts that is revolutionizing learning, now wants to help YOU become a selling machine.


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1st Cohort | Only 150 spots available

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