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Discover the keys to the success of over 100+ entrepreneurs and executives such as Netflix co-founder, Marc Randolph

Marc Randolph explains Netflix’s humble begins and how they radically transformed its business model

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Become a 360º BUSINESS EXPERT (strategy, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, lean startup, leadership, etc.) to upgrade your knowledge, accelerate your career, or launch or scale a business.

✅ 88 hrs.
✅ 10 months (approx)
✅ 15-min classes
✅ Live sessions with experts
✅ Forum and downloadable resources

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The most POWERFUL COMBINATION of in-depth business and digital marketing content in the world that will turn you into a proficient professional, entrepreneur and business owner.

✅ 120 hrs.
✅ 22 months (approx)
✅ 15-min classes
✅ Live sessions with experts
✅ Forum and downloadable resources

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ThePower Business School for corporations

600+ companies are already training their teams with our innovative new methodology

Learning methodology has changed

It’s been fours years since we moved away from the traditional higher education methodology – an unrealistic requirement of both time and money – for something far more effective.

Today, over 70,000 people from around the world are receiving cutting-edge training, starting businesses, growing professionally, and building new career paths as a result.


Flexible, online methodology

15-minute online classes combined with live webinars, viewed at your convenience


600+ companies already trust in us

Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and many more are training their employees and actively hiring our students

Minimal investment

Our mission is to democratize higher business education. That’s why our programs are a fraction of the cost of traditional MBA’s

Supported by world-renowned business leaders

The founders and co-founders of businesses such as Netflix, YouTube, Whole Foods, and Shazam support our mission

The largest business community in the world

More than 70,000 students in over 100 different countries

Certified by Harvard ManageMentor®

Thanks to a content partnership with Harvard Business Publishing, upon completion of our program you’ll receive a Harvard ManageMentor® certificate.

Meet some of our students and discover why they’ve joined ThePower Business School

Amit Joshi

Restaurant Owner and Hospitality Tech Enterpreneur

“One of the reasons I was looking at doing something like this was that I thought the same way for a long time, I do business the same way, and I really wanted to look at things differently. A lot of it seemed more modern and more up-to-date than some of the more traditional things. I liked the idea of it being easy on my time, and also I liked the idea that it was with people from industry who would talk to you through their business cases.

Isabel Falkenberg

Senior Investment Professional & NED

“I did my degree 30 years ago and nowadays, I do find myself in a number of positions where either I’m starting up a business or founding a foundation, or now I’m launching a VC fund investing in startup companies, so am I truly in a position to advise those new entrepreneurs about what they should be doing or what they could do better, if I myself are not informed? For me, the essence itself of the program, even the thought process behind it, I found that very inspiring, and so I thought I really needed to learn about these new things.”