Digital Marketing Program

The digital marketing program that’s changed the lives of over 90,000+ professionals

In this program, you’ll learn to master all the major digital marketing channels, metrics, tools, and methodologies directly from some of the world’s leading experts.

Digital Marketing

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During this program you will…

  • Learn how to identify the most profitable digital channels for your business, invest in them, and optimize for better results.
  • Understand the different steps of the funnel and be able to create specific strategies for each one.
  • Be able to convert web traffic into sales.
  • Master the strategies, tools (Google Ads, Hotjar, Facebook Ads, etc.) and techniques necessary for growing a brand and increasing sales.
  • Be familiar with all the digital tools that can help maximize and improve the overall customer experience.

*15-day money-back guarantee

Learn from some of the world’s leading digital marketing figures: founders and executives from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Amazon.

In a format that fits around your routine!

(15-minute classes)

In this class, you’ll discover the most disruptive business models affecting each industry.

Who will you learn from?

If you’re still unsure whether or not ThePower Business School is for you…

…take a look at how it’s helped some of our previous students.

Phil Fellows

Managing Director at Swinford Graphics LTD.

Ian Collins

Managing Director at Safety Coach International.

Take a look at the full course content:

Business and Marketing Fundamentals

1.1 Customers and market objectives

1.2 How to create a winning value proposition

1.3 How to create a disruptive value proposition and find your blue ocean

1.4 How to innovate with Lean Startup (the right way!)

1.5 Power Selling

Marketing 360º

2.1 Key metrics

2.2 Strategic vision

2.3 Branding and attracting customers

2.4 Conversion optimization

2.5 Capturing and lead nurturing

2.6 Loyalty and retention

2.7 Recommendation and viral marketing

Practical Application

3.1 Facebook Ads
3.2 Google Ads
3.3 Google Analytics
3.4 PowerCMO
3.5 Working with marketing agencies
3.6 Growth Hacking
3.7 Influence marketing
3.8 Legal

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999 GBP

You can also pay in monthly installments with our financial partner

You can also pay in monthly installments with our financial partner

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We’re 100% confident that ThePower Business School will help you to achieve your goals. This might have been a bold statement a couple of years ago. But now, we have over 37,000 happy students. And hundreds of companies like Facebook, Google or Coca-Cola are training their employees with our program.

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