About ThePower Business School

What is ThePower Business School?

ThePower Business School is a global business school that has completely disrupted the traditional education model.

Because, let’s face it, nowadays, who is willing to invest so much money, go into debt, quit their job and put their lives on hold for two years?

ThePower Business School challenges the status quo with a disruptive methodology that combines the best of face-to-face training, with an incredible community of more than 80,000 students and more than 400 networking events per year, with the best of online training, with 15-minute lessons that you can watch wherever and whenever you want. Our training adapts to your daily routine, not the other way around.

Plus, every program’s focus is for you to become an expert in your chosen area, and consists of completely updated content with some of the top entrepreneurs and business leaders behind the companies that are changing the world (Spotify, Amazon, LinkedIn …), so you can apply everything you learn from the very first day.

Who is behind ThePower Business School?

We are the entrepreneurs and managers who have founded, led and sold the companies that are changing the world. We also have collaborators and instructors from the best business schools in the world.

Some of the successful figures that you are going to find in our programs are: Marc Randolph (Co-founder of Netflix), Uri Levine (founder of Waze), Chris Barton (founder of Shazam), Randi Zuckerberg (CEO and founder of Zuckerberg Media) and Daniel Lamarre (CEO of Cirque du Soleil).

In addition, we have some of the most important national top business leaders such as Sarah Harmon (Ex-country manager of LinkedIn), Felix Ruiz (co-founder of Tuenti), Daniela Goicoechea (Ex-CMO of Goiko) and Javier Pagán (Head of Sales at Twitter).

Are these programs official?

NO, and we don’t want them to be. For years, we have been told that “to get to the top” you need an official master’s degree.

Perhaps this statement was true 10 years ago, but nowadays this idea is completely obsolete.

Official masters have to adhere to specific syllabuses that make learning less flexible. This is why we don’t want them to be. We update the content monthly; it’s one of our main value propositions.


Who are our programs for?

ThePower Business School is not for everyone… And no, we are not talking about your age, your education, your professional situation or your residence.

What is truly important is that you are a restless person, who is always eager to learn, to grow, to innovate, and who knows how to seize every opportunity. Our programs can help both junior profiles that do not have work experience yet, as well as professionals who already have an extensive background in their areas but need to update their knowledge.

✅ You may want to turn your career around to have access to better jobs or to work in better companies.

✅ Maybe you think it’s time to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and make them come true.

✅Maybe you can’t wait to really scale up your business.

✅ Or you want to gain a holistic understanding of digital marketing.

✅ You may be looking to manage your company’s marketing strategy.

✅ Or you simply want to get the most out of the available digital channels.

About our methodology

What is your educational method like?

Our methodology combines 15-minute online classes with which you can learn at your own pace from any device and place, with live webinars with our instructors, where you will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge, solve questions, spark debates and share the experience in real time with other fellow students in each program.

Plus, you will have access to complementary downloadable materials that will help you to strengthen your knowledge.

Is it possible to complete the program by studying 15 minutes a day?

We are among those who believe that learning should adapt to your daily routine, not the other way around.  In fact, we believe it should be part of your daily routine – why should you have to quit your job or put your life on hold for two years? Besides, it is scientifically proven that your brain switches off at a certain point. So why not learn in small doses.

But hey, this doesn’t mean we don’t have the same syllabus (summary of learning points that comprise a course) any other traditional business school master’s degree has, we do, but we explain the contents in a much more effective way:

➡ 50% of the classes are theory-based, so that you get a profound understanding of business.

➡ 25% of them analyze success cases, so that, through interviews, you learn from the best managers, investors, business experts, entrepreneurs and consultants.

➡ The last 25% of them analyze companies that are changing the world, studying their past performance so you can avoid the mistakes they made and mimic the strategies that made them successful

This way, with small daily doses you will learn the content that is truly necessary, getting just the right amount of detail of concepts and focusing on the use of tools, methodologies and study cases.

Are there resources available to solve my questions?

Of course, on the one hand you have the real-time webinars, which are live sessions in which you can deepen your knowledge, solve questions, spark debates and share the experience with your fellow colleagues.

These will take place at least once every two months and will be saved for you in case you miss one.

Plus, you can always contact our experts through different channels, such as the forum, email, LinkedIn group or WhatsApp chat group.

What are the requirements to obtain the certificate?

To make sure that you have gained a deep understanding of the concepts explained, at the end of each of the modules you will have to take a test. This will serve as a training tool to internalize the concepts you have learned.

To obtain the certification you need to complete and pass 100% of the tests.

But don’t worry if you are not able to pass them on the first try, you will have as many opportunities as you need to try again until you do.

Once I have completed the program, will I still be able to access the platform?

All programs have videos and additional resources that you can download to support your learning: summaries, templates or pdfs.

In any case, you will have access to the platform for a certain period depending on the program:


ThePowerMBA: 15 months.

PowerSales: 15 months.

ThePower Digital Marketing: 24 months.

ThePowerMBA ADVANCED: 30 months.

About payment

How much do our programs cost?

Our program is 1,499 USD (1,999 USD for programs that include a double certification).

If you wish, you can pay in up to 12 installments.

I know what you’re thinking! 🤔

“This is too good to be true…”

Because there’s no such thing as good, nice, and cheap… Right?

I get it, it’s hard to believe that for only 1,499 USD you’re going to have access to:


✅ Ultra up-to-date and practical knowledge.

✅ More than 600 networking events per month throughout Spain, Mexico, Peru, Colombia…

✅ Recognition in the labor market (companies such as EY, Coca-Cola or BBVA train their employees with us).

✅ Access to a global community with more than 80,000 students.

✅Job board with job offers from Google, Apple, Heineken, L’Oreal (and 150 other companies).


NO, they are certainly not “low cost” masters.

So… How is it possible?

What happens is that we have created a disruption in the business model:

Our mission is that millions of people can have access to quality training, not just a lucky few. After all, we were born to democratize quality higher education around the world and make it accessible to everyone.

That’s why, while traditional business schools have very high fixed costs such as electricity, water, building rent, teachers’ salaries… We save invest these costs towards offering you the best online training taught by the best teachers in the world for a fraction of the price.

If you have more questions about the financing of our programs you can schedule a call here.

How can you pay in installments?

Occasionally and exceptionally, we can offer to defer payment.

You can speak to one of our advisors if you have any questions about installment financing. Schedule a call here.

What is our refund policy?

You have a 15 day guarantee period for all the programs starting from the time the contracted program is unlocked to you. If more than 15% of the course content is completed the refund cannot apply. Following these conditions if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund the full amount paid (No questions asked).

Do we invoice?

Of course we do! Once payment has been made, you can request your invoice by filling out this form.

About in-company training

Do we have training oriented to staff and companies?

Yes, we are currently working with over 600 companies, such as Danone, Sanitas, L’Oreal or Clicars. These companies have decided to train all their teams in business and leadership mainly.

You may be wondering why have companies like Danone decided to spend resources on business and leadership training instead of more specific courses?

Simply put, because most employees (High Potentials, Middle Management, Young Leaders…), are eager to learn, grow and contribute more to their companies. And they can achieve it with this type of program (only available to a few before).

If you also are among the ones that think that business and leadership training should be available to all employees… Click here and discover all the information about our ThePower InCompany project!

About networking and our community

How do networking events work?

What started as a disruptive business school has quickly grown into a movement with over 80,000 students, in over 100 countries around the world, more than 400 networking events per year and hundreds of social communities.

We are an online business school, but we don’t want to miss the opportunity to network, connect and share experiences with people in the same situation than we are in.

That’s why we organize virtual networking events almost every week that you can attend for free.

In addition, we organize more than 400 face-to-face networking events per year all over the world (Spain, Mexico, USA, Germany, etc.).

You will find all the information about our events in the platform’s calendar.

About our job portal

Do we have a job board?

Of course, but, because we couldn’t have it any other way, we have reinvented the way to find a job. Now, the perfect job finds you.

We realized that traditional job boards don’t work. That’s why we have implemented a UNIQUE application process for candidates based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. This allows us to analyze your profile and get to know you from a 360º perspective so that we can show you the positions that suit you best. We have established connections and relationships with the best companies in the country that trust us to send us their job offers, and, in turn, we send them qualified and pre-filtered candidates for the position. These companies include, among many others, companies like Google, Microsoft, Accenture, Roche or Coca-Cola.