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The complete business programme to gain a 360º vision and learn the concepts, tools and methodologies that you can apply from day one, no matter what you do professionally, learning from the global voices of reference.


The first full-stack and truly practical digital marketing programme, where you will learn (or refresh) the fundamentals and master all the tools and strategies you need – guided by the biggest icons of today’s marketing world.

ThePowerMBA Advanced

The ultimate combination of our two flagship programmes, giving you an in-depth and all-around vision to stay ahead of the curve in business, digital marketing and business innovation. Become an expert in all the relevant tools, strategies and methods.


Reinvent and accelerate your career with this intensive mentoring, coaching and self-reflection programme and gain the tools you need to change your mindset, communicate your true self and track your progress.

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“ThePowerMBA offers you the mindset that you need to adapt yourself to the accelerated changes of the 21st century”

Rafael Sarandeses
Coach & Career Development Expert