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What is ThePowerMBA?

We are the business school that is leading the revolution of the education industry. How? Through the world’s most disruptive and efficient business program: proudly unaccredited, 15 minutes a day, only actionable learnings, 100% updated contents and learning from top entrepreneurs and business leaders.
If you want to learn more about our purpose, values and who’s behind this disruption, check out our About us page.

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Is this the first edition of ThePowerMBA?

NO. ThePowerMBA program launched in Spain in 2017, and many other programmes have been added since. ThePowerMBA Global launched in September 2020, ThePowerDigitalMarketing, ThePowerAdvanced and ThePowerCareer in the spring of 2021. In total, we already have over 70.000 students in 96+ countries across our programs.

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How is this price possible?

Maybe you are questioning how our program’s price is much lower than those you can find in
the current education marketplace. Even though we have united the world’s top entrepreneurs and business leaders in one single program. There are two main reasons:
● The first is our core purpose: Providing to everyone -willing to learn- everywhere in
the world, the key business knowledge to reach the next level.
● The second is ‘Value Innovation’. Our disruptive business model allows us to deliver an
the best business program at a “no-brainer” price ($999).

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Does ThePowerMBA have an official accreditation?

NO. We are not officially accredited by any institution or government agency. And we are proud of it. We strongly believe that accreditation constrains flexibility, leading to outdated learnings, curricular stagnation and inefficient programs.

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If ThePowerMBA is not officially accredited, is it well recognized by companies, HR departments, etc?

Yes and the proof is that top companies like Google, Accenture, Santander, Inditex or Heineken have trusted ThePowerMBA to train their teams.

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Will I receive a certificate upon completion of ThePowerMBA?

Yes. Once you complete 100% of the lessons and pass all the tests, you’ll receive your Finisher
certificate through blockchain technology. Then you can add it to your LinkedIn profile and
resume. It will strengthen your professional profile.

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What are the differences compared to a traditional MBA?

Traditional MBA programs are still valuable. Particularly, MBAs from Top business schools. We do not argue that. However, this model seems to be at stake: major universities shutting down their MBA programs, applications in the U.S. are down each year… Why?
● They require a huge investment of money and time, with uncertain return
● Some professors are academics who lack ‘real world’ experience
● Outdated content and case studies
● Tough application processes: GMAT, letters of recommendation, several interviews, etc.
In ThePowerMBA, we believe that the highest quality business education must become accessible to everyone. That’s why we have created this ultra efficient and updated program, at an affordable price of $999.

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What are the differences compared to an online course?

Among the vast universe of online courses:
● They are usually focused on one single niche (e.g. entrepreneurs)
● Most of them are not well-structured and learnings are usually poor
● Too often professors are ‘gurus’ who want to sell their story
● They lack a value proposition
● There is zero offline engagement and community
ThePowerMBA offers much more than an online learning experience. Once you become a #powermba you don’t only have access to an excellent business program, you join a thriving community of people willing to learn and achieve their professional goals.

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How do I apply to ThePowerMBA?


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Do I need previous business knowledge?

No. We have thousands of students from almost every background and industry: engineers, lawyers, architects, pharmacists, doctors, marketers, etc.

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Do you require a certain professional level? Are there any further requisites to be admitted?

No. ThePowerMBA has been purposely designed both to help junior profiles in early stages of their career, as well as senior professionals with several year of experience in their industry.

The only requisite is your love for learning.

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Is the program open to participants from anywhere in the world?

Yes. The global ThePowerMBA is open, either you live in North America, Latam, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc.

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Is it possible to learn in 15-minute lessons?

It is not only possible. It’s better. 

Microlearning (or bite-sized lessons) offers numerous advantages compared to traditional -often too long- lessons: it is convenient, improves content retention, people love learning in short bursts, supports self-managed learning, is easier to update, requires less time and resources, is better suited to mobile learning, etc.

You can find out more about how ThePowerMBA works here.

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Why like a Netflix show?

Our marketing department didn’t make this up. Our students did. Why?

Because learning doesn’t have to be boring. And our methodology is fun, convenient, and efficient.

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Will the program follow the curriculum of a standard MBA?

Our program covers all the areas of the MBA curriculum to acquire a 360-degree vision of business: strategy, management, accounting & finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.

See our syllabus for further detail.

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What kind of support do you offer students who have doubts and questions on the contents of the program?

We provide 24h support to the students through our live chat. In addition, you can share your questions with your fellow #powermbas and our experts via the platform forums.

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In addition to the videos, do you offer any other resources?

Yes. The program is comprised by videos and downloadable resources: templates, guides, course summaries, explanations of key concepts, etc.

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How long does it take to finish the program?

Every weekday (from Monday to Friday) we release a new lesson. Assuming you advance at that pace, it will take 14-15 months:

  • Nº. lessons: 220
  • Dedication time: Approx. 50 hours

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Are there any tests or assessments?

Yes. Upon completion of every course, you will take a test. The goal of these tests is not evaluating but helping to secure the key learnings.

However, you must pass all tests to receive our certificate.

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Will I have to take notes?

Thanks to our methodology, there is no need to take notes during the lessons as you will be able to keep all the learnings. 

However, we encourage our students to do it because taking notes supports the learning experience and helps to retain complex concepts. We have even carried out contests among the #powermbas to choose the best lecture notes.

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Where can I study ThePowerMBA?

You can study ThePowerMBA everywhere you want, as long as you have Internet access and a device to access the platform (PC, mobile or tablet).

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Can I download the videos and watch them offline?

We don’t allow to download the videos and watch them offline, in order to prevent copyright infringements.

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Do the top figures like Chris Barton from Shazam or Uri Levine from Waze personally participate in the program?

Yes. They are personally involved in several lessons, in which we analyze with them their case studies, applying the theoretical learnings acquired in the program.

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Will I have a lifetime access to the program?

No. Once started, you will have an 18-month access to the platform in order to finish the program. Upon completion of this period, if you haven’t completed the program or want to keep learning with the updated content, you will be able to purchase extensions of 3, 6 or 12 months.

There is a reason behind this limitation. Statistics prove that if the time to complete the program is not limited, students are less motivated to finish it. This explains the low completion rate of most online courses.

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How many fellow #powermbas are there?

Over 50,000 #powermbas create our worldwide community. Each month, this number increases by thousands who want to become part of this movement. 

We are proud to have one of the most active business communities in the world, truly passionate about learning and reaching their professional goals.

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What is the alumni profile?

With thousands of students, we have almost every profile: CEOs of large corporations, entrepreneurs launching their business, managers, junior professionals taking their first steps, etc.

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How can I engage with other #powermbas? What kind of meetings and events are organized?

One of the core pillars of ThePowerMBA is “Global learning. Local networking”. Our goal is to become the first global business school with local presence around the world. 

We organize weekly online webinars and speed networkings. In addition, our local communities regularly come together for meetups, events, workshops, and more.

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Will I be able to attend meetings and events after finishing ThePowerMBA?

Yes. Once you join to our community, you will be always welcome to every networking event.

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Will I be able to attend meetings and events by other communities?

Yes. Once you become a #powermba you can attend every meetup, event, etc. Even those organized by other local communities. We are all part of the same revolution.

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What are #powerambassadors?

They are the leading figure of their local community, being in charge of organising networking events, managing social media groups and chats, etc.

For more information regarding terms and conditions (e.g. funding of the first event, our referral program, etc.), please reach us via email (

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I want to become ambassador of my local community, how can I apply?

If you want to become a #powerambassador, please reach out our customer support department via email ( or live chat. The process is simple: once you fill the application form, we arrange an interview to verify you are suitable for this role.

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Where else can I learn more about previous student experiences?

Take a minute to read our alumni testimonials.

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What is included in the $999 program fee?

Full access to the program (videos, downloadable resources, forums, job board, etc.) and to our powerful alumni community.

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What types of payment are accepted?

We accept all standard credit and debit card options including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, as well as other payment methods that may be enabled on the website.

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Can I pay in installments?

Yes. You can pay in monthly installments. Instead of a single payment, monthly installments are an affordable option.

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What is your withdrawal/refund policy?

You can withdraw from the purchase of the program during a period of 15 days from the time that is released.

If you want to exercise this right, you must contact us via the following email:

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Where can I find you on social media?

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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