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“More than 30% of the people interested in studying an MBA consider online alternatives like ThePower Business School”

Financial Times

First of all,
in case you don’t know us…

ThePower In Company is the digital business school that has revolutionized education around the world, with a disruptive methodology (15 min classes), learning with world-renowned entrepreneurs and experts, and for a fraction of the cost of any other business school .

Hundreds of companies both in Spain and around the world, from all sectors and sizes, have understood this revolution and are already training their teams.











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Many corporate formations
are not meeting expectations

“Almost no one starting a MOOC (online course) completes it”

Angela Duarte
HR Manager

“We are worried it takes us more everytime to retain talent”

German Martos
Talent Acquisition

In every company there are key employees you want to retain, develop and reward (“key contributors”): High Potentials, Middle Managers, young talents, etc.

However, they are generally receiving specific technical training or online courses with little impact and little value, while the leadership and business programs that make a difference are limited to C-Level or Sr. Managers.

Mischa Zielke, Partner at McKinsey & Company

This is why we created a
unique learning experience…
Welcome to “the business school
leading digital transformation”

(Financial Times)

Hundreds of success (and failure) cases analized with Netflix, Tesla, YouTube founders… and many more

“Microlearning” format: 15 minutes pills

Global community with 80.000+ professionals, weekly events, local communities…

Engagement since day 1: kick-off event, launching, promotions…

Boost your current training initiatives by giving employees
key the opportunity to train and grow with programs…




… for which, unlike most corporate formations, every month thousands of people decide to pay for it out of their pockets.

…that have an engagement at the level of Netflix, not of the online courses of the different content platforms.

…complete, transversal and with the necessary depth to achieve real upskilling in business.

Who are these
key employees?

Our partner’s case studies:

    150 Téchnicians/Engineers

    550 Key collective mix

    50 Senior Managers


LOreal Logo : significado del logotipo, png, vector

Loreal wanted to retain its young talent and reduce the percentage of rotation of its teams to other companies. That is why they decided to partner with ThePower Business School and offer 150 young talents the opportunity to learn about business and leadership in order to grow and contribute much more to the development of the company.


of the employees has
completed the program

…that’s transforming employee’s formation in the world’s top companies

“In terms of how it compares with other learning experiences I’ve had in the past, I’d say I guess it’s different in a couple of ways, and mostly the mechanic of it being virtual and it being 15 minutes means it’s much more bite size, it’s much more snackable, which means that it’s perhaps a slightly stealthy learning experience that you’re learning little bits at each time.”

Laura Keeley
Global Client Lead at Kantar
File:Hays plc 2009 logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Our programs have Netflix engagement levels

unlike other online content platforms


Completion rate





And they adapt to every profile

For High Potentials and technical profiles

⏱️ 75h – 10 months

Business models, Lean Startup, Strategy, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Finance and Accounting

For Middle (y Sr.) Managers

⏱️ 45h – 7,5 months

Business models, Lean Startup, Strategy

For young talent

⏱️ 85h – 12 months

Business models, Lean Startup, Strategy, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Finance and Accounting, Personal brand, Powerformula

For Marketing & Brand Managers

⏱️ 45h (+50h optional)

7,5 months (+8 optional)

Business & Marketing Basics, Digital Marketing 360, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Analytics…

For leaders
(current and future)

⏱️ 30h – 5,5 months

Strategic and tactical productivity, Strategic plan of key skills, Managing emotions, Problem solving, Project management, Leadership fundamentals, Communication, Decision making, Negotiation

For business profiles that need digital skills

⏱️ 50h – 8 months

Digital mindset, Cloud, Data management tools, Collaborative and remote work tools, Blockchain, Data Science, Digital analytics, Security awareness…

For commercial teams 

⏱️ 40h – 7,5 months

MBA Basics, Problem exploration, Value Proposal, Sales Pitch, Sales Process, Prospecting, Social Selling, Negotiation, CRM…

For Managers and team leaders

⏱️ 50h – 8 months

Agile & Lean, OKRs, Project management, Leading Self & Leading others, ESG, Purpose, Diversity, Design thinking, Female leadership.

Choose your plan

A 100% flexible suscription model

Choose a plan with the number of seats you want paying a fix instalment.

When someone completes a program or leaves the company, that seat becomes free for some other employee to use or that same employee can proceed with another program.

We guarantee you full visibility and control over the metrics (progress, satisfaction…) through the InCompany portal.

Your virtual classroom:

Boost your current training initiatives by giving key employees the opportunity to train and grow with ThePower Business School